Makerspace Communities

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Reciprocal Teaching

Half of the class read a chapter about using social media to impress colleges, the other half read a chapter about using it to impress future employers.  Students worked in small groups to create presentations that highlighted the key points of their chapter.

Then the students were paired and taught one another about their chapter. This was a great way to have students collaborate digitally, and still interact in person.  It can’t be all or nothing.  They still need to move and talk with one another.

Mind Blowing Mind Maps

The Giver Mind Map Assessment

Lois Lowry comments on several themes through her story about Jonas and The CommunityTo demonstrate your understanding of how she crafted her novel to illustrate a theme, you will create a mind map and write a short personal essay.  The map will trace the development of one theme, and the essay will explain how you’ll apply what you have learned to your life.

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