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Shout Out!


Brom Bones vs Icabod Crane: An Epic Tweet Battle

What happens when two reading classes mix students and take part in an Epic Tweet Battle?  An engaging lesson in which the purpose-for-reading writes itself.

Our classes met in the common-space under a veil of mystery and anticipation. Students were randomly grouped, and team captains were given sealed envelopes with the rules.

Each group  found out which character they were, the purpose for the tweet battle, and were instructed to highlight text that would help them in the tweet battle. We read, we highlighted, and then we battled!

The rules were simple:

  • Tweets must be grounded in the text.
  • Tweets must be school appropriate.
  • Tweet may not use modern slang.

Both Lindsey and I were projecting our classroom Twitter accounts and following the hashtag we created for the event.

The students loved it so much , they wanted to continue another day.  Luckily, we have an awesome administrator who wanted to jump in as Katrina Van Tassel.  Adding her to the mix re-energized the students and helped to keep them on track.

Check out some of the tweets!

Unnamed image (1) Unnamed image



The Tweet Heard Around the World – Follow Up

Thanks to the help of some wonderful fellow educators from around the world, our students learned valuable lessons about how far (and how quickly) social media can spread. One team’s tweets showed up on more than 70,000 Twitter feeds, in at least four different countries.

Students reflected on the stats, and then shared the most valuable lesson they learned.  Here are a few:

  • Even silly things can travel at the speed of light.
  • I need to be careful what I put on social media!
  • I need to think before I post on social media.
  • Some people will retweet anything!
  • I would be embarrassed if that was a picture that I was ashamed of.
  • We don’t know how many people actually saw our picture. It my have been copied on Facebook or Instagram.

This proved to be a powerful experience for our students.  I wish that I had thought of it.  Thank you, Andrea Kornowski @andreakornowski for the great idea!

The Tweets Heard Around the World – Part 2




The Tweets Heard Around the World – Part 1





#Tweeting Teachers

Last night, I had the opportunity to share my experiences using Twitter with educators from across my school district.  It was so exciting to collaborate with other excited educators.  Thank you to everyone who attended!


Click on the image to view the presentation.  It includes links to resources for educators.


To Tweet or Not to Tweet…

Good question!

Although I have long been interested in using Twitter in the classroom, it has taken me quite a while to get started.  I find it difficult to work with so few characters! I also have trouble figuring out what is tweetworthy.  What could possibly be important enough to blast out to so many people?  What I’ve found is that students appreciate tweets about most anything.

Kids love to see pictures of themselves.  They love posing during events and being in candid shots during lessons.  Making thought bubbles that can be attached to a wooden dowels is a great way to incorporate questions and comments.

Links to websites, news stories, and on-line games are a great way to create a hook for lessons.  One tweet to the official movie trailer for The Giver caused a flurry of excited questions.

Eventually I will move on to student tweets…. Maybe six word narratives?

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Image by Shawn Campbell


New to Tweeting?  Here are some resources that I found useful:

50 Ways to Use Twitter in the Classroom  – Samantha Miller  http://www.teachhub.com/50-ways-use-twitter-classroom

The Teacher’s Guide To Twitter Edudemic  http://www.edudemic.com/guides/guide-to-twitter/

Hootsuite – An easy way to manage multiple social media accounts https://hootsuite.com