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Reciprocal Teaching

Half of the class read a chapter about using social media to impress colleges, the other half read a chapter about using it to impress future employers.  Students worked in small groups to create presentations that highlighted the key points of their chapter.

Then the students were paired and taught one another about their chapter. This was a great way to have students collaborate digitally, and still interact in person.  It can’t be all or nothing.  They still need to move and talk with one another.

Deep Thoughts Are a Work of Art!

During my daily browse through Twitter, I was struck with inspiration. I thought of a way to re-purpose the post-it notes that were being used during my lessons.

I started collecting them, assessing the work, and then putting them on my cupboards without any apparent plan.


Then I waited for the kids to notice.  Some started asking questions after a few days, others took a full two weeks to notice! It was fun to listen to them predict and argue about what I was making.



And the days we didn’t use post-its? Well, they gave me an ear full. They loved the novelty and sustained predicting, and they kept on me to assess their work and add it to the picture.

When Pacman was completed, they immediately wanted to know what I was making next.  I told them, “We’re doing a contest for student-designed murals.” They can’t wait!


Any ideas of other cool things to do with post-its?

Thanks, Mom

Dear Mom,

Sometimes it’s difficult to do the extras that engage students. This year I felt especially worn out.  Thank you for encouraging me to do the Twelve Days of Christmas Socks with my students this year.

The students loved it  as usual.  They begged to get a peek before the end of class and sang along every day.  Today, one of them said, “Wow! It’s a good thing you got to the 12th day before vacation!” …It was almost like I planned it that way. 😉

I love you, and I value your wisdom and steadfast cheerleading.


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