The Tweet Heard Around the World – Follow Up

Thanks to the help of some wonderful fellow educators from around the world, our students learned valuable lessons about how far (and how quickly) social media can spread. One team’s tweets showed up on more than 70,000 Twitter feeds, in at least four different countries.

Students reflected on the stats, and then shared the most valuable lesson they learned.  Here are a few:

  • Even silly things can travel at the speed of light.
  • I need to be careful what I put on social media!
  • I need to think before I post on social media.
  • Some people will retweet anything!
  • I would be embarrassed if that was a picture that I was ashamed of.
  • We don’t know how many people actually saw our picture. It my have been copied on Facebook or Instagram.

This proved to be a powerful experience for our students.  I wish that I had thought of it.  Thank you, Andrea Kornowski @andreakornowski for the great idea!


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