Grouping and Pairing Students For Engagement – Part 2 (During Class)

Students need to move and talk during lessons.  I am not a fan of taking a brain break simply for the sake of a break.  There are plenty of ways to mix things up to allow students to integrate their learning and give their brains time to regroup.

Here are quick ways to get them up, moving, and talking to each other:

1. Puzzle Cards – Pass them out while students are working, and then have them find their partner to share ideas or complete a new task.  I got a set of three decks at the Family Dollar.

2. Would You Rather? – Make a list of choices and have the students write their answers to reference later.  When it is time for a brain break ask the question and have students stand. (Would you rather be able to fly or read minds? Stand if you chose fly.)   Once you see who is standing you can group the standing students and move them to a corner(s) of the room, then group the sitting students.

3. Touching Chairs – Students stand and push in chairs.  Ask them to touch the back of any seven chairs and then freeze.  Once frozen give them a quick task to do with the people closest to them.  This one allows for regrouping several times quickly and provides much needed movement.


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