Relevance – Making Connections

Composing an epic rap battle or poem for two voices based on two characters from the novel.  What does this have to do with my life?

Good question!

Today I had my students create a ‘tweet’ that answered that question.  I wanted to make sure that the relevance didn’t get lost in the fun/frustration of small group composing.

Here are a few ‘tweets’ from my classes:
  • Be on topic when you write a poem, rap battle or anything.
  • The life-long lesson for this assignment is to be able to show two people’s opinions on something.
  • ….to see if we can find the relationship between two or more people and write from two different points of view. #feartherap
  • …shows both side of the story….helps us practice conflict and comparison between two people.

  • How to talk and write things.  I say this because you need to write to get a job and talk to the person.
  • Using writing skills, reading and language to make sense.
  • Rhyming, writing, reading and seeing other’s points of view.
  • Show you how to see two sides to a situation, which can help you find a solution or strengthen your arguments.

  •  Getting the chance to write in different styles and express your thoughts in ways you never thought of.
  • Always see two side of a story and hear out the sides before choosing one. 
  • How to express a point, persuade people or learn to express yourself.  And learn how to work with others.
  • If you only do things that you are used to doing and make you comfortable, you won’t be able to do different things. Raps or poems change u.
  • Arguments or debates can be formatted and resolved in many different ways.

  • Vocabulary skills are a good thing to work on for life!
  • Manners and being nice are things I can use in the future.
  • Different people, different lifestyles: different ways people see the world/life.
  • Some things will be hard, but you have to do it anyway. #Philip’sLife
  • The best is to be able to see the argument from another person’s perspective to try to understand how they may react.
  • Ms. Narwin and Philip are showing how you won’t like everyone you meet, but you will have to work with them.







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