I Have…Who Has?

We did a Narrative Elements I Have- Who Has? to review terms and examples before examining a narrative.  It required 100% participation and cooperation for the class to successfully get themselves in an ordered circle.

I gave each student a strip of paper when they arrived.  The directions on the board simply said to get in an ordered circle.  It was interesting to watch the process each class used to be successful.  In every class, students helped other students who did not know if they had the definition or example.

When they were done, they went around the circle sharing their strips to check for accuracy. (A sneaky way to get in one more quick review.)

Having them work together and actually form the loop was a great way to incorporate movement into the lesson.   I can see this used to review academic vocabulary or any factual content in every subject.

Here is a link to a free game generator.  It was very easy to use, and there is a brief explanation of how to play.



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