The Twelve Days of Christmas Socks

photo 5 (5)

Each of the last twelve school days before vacation, I sang the next verse in the Christmas sock song and showed my students my socks.  The deal was that they had to have finished the lesson before I would sing.

I put a symbol on my board each day to remind me what socks I was wearing.  To my surprise, the kids would immediately check the ‘sock board’ as they entered  and begin guessing what kind of socks I was wearing.  They would beg for a sneak peek at the socks, but I would never show them until the lesson was over.  Each time I revealed my socks, there would be a mix of cheers and groans about how close their predictions were.

I always find it amazing how much 8th graders love this song.  I warn them at the beginning that my singing voice is horrible.  They always agree with me.  The funny thing is they still do ‘jazz hands’ with me for the fifth day, and join in for “aaannnndddd pink socks with Christmas lights and bows.


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