To Tweet or Not to Tweet…

Good question!

Although I have long been interested in using Twitter in the classroom, it has taken me quite a while to get started.  I find it difficult to work with so few characters! I also have trouble figuring out what is tweetworthy.  What could possibly be important enough to blast out to so many people?  What I’ve found is that students appreciate tweets about most anything.

Kids love to see pictures of themselves.  They love posing during events and being in candid shots during lessons.  Making thought bubbles that can be attached to a wooden dowels is a great way to incorporate questions and comments.

Links to websites, news stories, and on-line games are a great way to create a hook for lessons.  One tweet to the official movie trailer for The Giver caused a flurry of excited questions.

Eventually I will move on to student tweets…. Maybe six word narratives?

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Image by Shawn Campbell


New to Tweeting?  Here are some resources that I found useful:

50 Ways to Use Twitter in the Classroom  – Samantha Miller

The Teacher’s Guide To Twitter Edudemic

Hootsuite – An easy way to manage multiple social media accounts


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